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Welcome to Zariah A'londra Tax & Legal Services 

Welcome, to Zariah A'londra Tax & Legal Services. We want to thank you for visiting our site. You will see that our firm offers many different services such as tax preparation, business formation, and pre-paid legal aid.

Our firm also provides financial expertise for small and large businesses so that your HR department doesn't fall at the risk of hiring more staff. With over 300+ CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers, and Virtual CFO's and Controllers. Our firm also provides legal documentation kits, e-filing assistance, and attorney referrals for those with legal matters such as Family Law, Consumer, and Criminal Law. 

Due to COVID-19 many of our staff and contractors are available online for a virtual experience during this pandemic. Appointments to meet in person can be arranged online with your tax expert.

The 2020 tax year is here, and here are 5 reasons to consider Zariah Alondra Tax & Legal Services the right fit for your company:

1. Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing your accounting services and allowing us to do the work, can save your company money in the long run, as you will be paying only for what you need. Hiring full-time or part-time employees entails shouldering not just wages but also government-mandated benefits such as leaves, vacations, training, etc.

Additionally, if your company has short-term issues, it is a smarter business move to hire our firm to keep your company’s expenses low while solving your company’s current pressing concerns.

2. Better time allocation

Zariah Alondra Tax & Legal Services does all the work so you get more time to spend on improving the company. Other back-end office functions can easily distract your employees from putting in their best work and our team eliminates this issue efficiently because we concentrate on the task at hand. You will never miss critical business signals because you can access essential financial information when you need it, putting you ahead of the competition.

3. Daily monitoring

Because you have our team dedicated to your company, you can easily keep track of your daily accounting records and data. Also, while constant changes in accounting rules are inevitable, a team of professional accountants can work with these changes without causing any problems for your business.

Penalties for reporting errors can create a big impact on your business, but when you entrust the responsibility of our accounting services to our trained professionals, you can expect to lessen the risk of losses to your company. Whenever there are audits, you can rest, assured that your books and records are ready for financial market regulators.

4. The best CPAs

Our Accounting professionals are experienced in different fields. They have the capability and expertise to provide you with higher-quality accounting information. Moreover, our firm's accounting team can help you offer more services to your clients.

5. Access to Tax Professionals

Zariah Alondra Tax & Legal Services accounting services gives you access to the top systems in the industry. High-performing accounting software packages can be extremely expensive, and most businesses don’t have the finances to afford these programs. When you outsource with Zariah Alondra Tax & Legal Services, the best tools come with the package.

Our experienced CPAs are experts in accounting, and our firm will equip your organization with the right professional skill set and resources so that you can put more focus on your business’s growth and development.

Become one of the top-performing businesses in the industry by outsourcing your accounting services today with Zariah Alondra Tax & Legal Services.

Don't hesitate to call us today at 888-222-7504 or contact us via the email below.  


I got a family member to prepare my taxes in the past. I averaged about a refund of $575. After this firm's review, we were able to identify an extra $28,276 in

additional refunds. Was happy to know that we received these checks within only 5 weeks.

Benny Fitz

Auto Salesman

I  initially used TurboTax. and only had received a $200 return. After Zariah Alondra's free deep-dive review, we found additional allowable deductions. This year I  received an extra $21,750 refund from the IRS as well as the state.

Sarah Jacobs

Director or Personnel Affairs

I highly recommend Zariah A'londra's firm for many reasons. One of them is that they cater to busy professionals like myself. I was able to schedule an appointment that was suitable for me. They accommodate well and have excellent customer service.

Hessa Canduit

Chief Marketing Adviser

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  • We provide an NDA and review your financial data.
  • We meet for a thorough file review to discuss your needs and our findings from the analysis.
  • We provide a proposal with multiple service options, all at fixed fees, so you can choose the one right for your budget and business needs.
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