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Finance Strategy Supervisors & Staff

Our finance strategy supervisors and staff finance strategists are an integral part of our client services approach. This team carries the same goal as our outsourced CFOs and Controllers which is to provide growth and success for your business. Our firm provides affordable expertise targeting your specific business needs. They are well versed in multiple finance strategy systems including QuickBooks, Great Plains, NetSuite, Oracle, Sage, Navision, and many more systems.

Developing a financing strategy

Zariah A'londra Tax Services understands that financing strategy is integral to an organization's strategic plan. Our firm sets out how the organization plans to finance its overall operations to meet its objectives now and in the future. Our company utilizes our financing strategy to summarize targets, and the actions to be taken over a three to five-year period to achieve the targets. It also clearly states key policies that will guide those actions. A suggested structure and contents for a financing strategy are outlined below.

1. Where are we now?

Our firm summarizes where the organization is at the start of the strategy. This includes an assessment of the key risks facing the NGO and the opportunities and resources it has available.

2. Where would we like to be?

Our firm summarizes key financial targets for three to five years’ time and is informed by the risks and opportunities identified in the first section. It will include as a minimum:

  • The desired funding mix – the balance and sources of restricted and unrestricted funds.
  • Donor dependency – linked to the funding mix, this is the realistic and appropriate level of funding to accept from donor agencies (expressed as a percentage of overall income).
  • Level of general reserves – usually expressed as the number of days that the organization could continue without external funding.

3. How do we get there?

Our firm is the ‘meat’ of the financing strategy. It describes what actions you will take each year to finance the strategic plan and achieve the financial targets identified in the second section.

This might include sections on:

  • How to increase the mix and level of unrestricted funds
  • How to finance core costs
  • How to build up reserves
  • How to replace and maintain fixed assets
  • How to apply funds to achieve maximum benefit

4. Key policies

Our firm will include policies that guide the financing strategy. The examples given are for guidance only, and may not be appropriate or detailed enough for your organization.

Reserves policy – what level of reserves you aim to build up, and how surpluses will be handled.

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