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The Pro-Se Litigant

Represent Yourself in Court and Save Thousands!!

What does "Pro-Se Litigant" mean exactly?

Okay, we totally one really likes lawyers. The only time most people generally have to talk to one is when they’re in some sort of legal trouble, and even then for most, it’s an ordeal. Many people don't want to have to recount some horrible event in their life to some stranger? Also, there’s a general perception that lawyers are elitists and it can be intimidating to meet with one. Not to mention the fact that legal representation can often be incredibly expensive.

So what’s the alternative if you’re stuck in a legal problem and don’t want to pony up for an attorney? Well, you can always choose to represent yourself, or as we in the legal world call it, acting as a "Pro-se litigant."

Pro Se litigation means legal self-representation in court without an attorney. The majority of Pro-se cases in the United States include bankruptcy, foreclosure, landlord/tenant issues, and domestic-relations matters such as divorce, custody and child support, and probate. Many people choose to go Pro- se (or “proper”) to avoid costly attorney fees, however, in many jurisdictions, Pro-se is mandatory for small claims cases involving monetary disputes, like property damages or car accidents. 

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Click on the links below to view our legal document library or to visit our frequently asked questions concerning Pro-Se litigation. 

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View the link to learn more about what it means to be Pro-Se Litigant and see if you are up to the challenge!!

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